Time to take back the guild

During my time at the University of Birmingham as student and an officer. I have seen a group of unelected officials, aided by complacency amongst students, taking powers out of the hands of the student body. Instead powers have been put directly into the hands of unelected non students, namely those same officials. The campaign to reclaim the guild which has broad support from nearly all sections of the student body will bring back democratic powers for students. We have to win for we face a real crisis in the education system we need a democratic voice more than ever.

If the guild is going to be a democratic body, if it is going to claim to be “representative” of us then it must have democratic bodies with real decision making powers so as to be reflective of the student body.  In response to a recent poll run by our student newspaper 80% of respondents thought that guild council was not accessible and 78% thought that student’s and guild council are not powerful enough within the guild. This democratic deficit we must now tackle by calling a general meeting by a petition of 10% of the student body to win reform.


The aims and objectives to the reclaim the guild campaign are outlined in a study done by the reclaim the guild campaign. The report shows that the guild is on an extreme limb in terms of governance and the guild is most likely by a considerable distance one of the most undemocratic unions in the entire country, http://www.reclaimtheguild.com/read-the-report/.

We will fight a fair a campaign for reform based on real support from the student body. Unlike the campaigns that set our current system up. The system we have now was set up in fraudulent and corrupt referendum in 2008/09; Guild council rejected the changes however £10,000 pounds was spent on a yes campaign to force through the changes via a referendum. The no campaign was given a nominal £60 pounds and duly lost. This was followed up by another corrupt and fraudulent referendum, which I fought at ethical and environmental officer http://www.edwardbauereeo.blogspot.com/2010/03/referendum-result-indicates-as-much.html .

The reclaim the guild campaign will meet every Wednesday at 6pm and hopefully will be fully endorsed by the guild at the next council on February 2nd . For now I have stuck a copy of the petition to my office door please come up and sign.

Aslo please add all your friends to this group http://www.facebook.com/groups/236510593095081/

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