Andrew Lansley – next time

Today I got an anonymous call through to my office at the Guild of Students from a worker at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital. I don’t who who they were but they simply said Andrew Lansley is here, can anyone come?

Queen Elizabeth Hospital is also a teaching hospital for University of Birmingham students and is attached to our campus; after a couple of texts and Facebook messages within 20 minutes a dozen students were searching for the slippery politician across the hospital grounds.  Helped along by friendly NHS staff who kept pointing us in the right direction, we eventually managed to track him down to his point of departure from the hospital.

So sadly this time the slippery politician got away, although in the recent past he hasn’t been so lucky. He was heckled very recently by this brilliant lady.

We certainly would have got him if it wasn’t for Labour’s PFI funded scheme on the hospital complex, which included building the new massive hospital with very dodgy private finance initiative money. We would have definitely got him on the old smaller complex.

Clearly Labour have left us with two massive burdens from their mismanagement of the NHS. One massive private finance initiative bills undermining the NHS and two the hospital is now too big to effectively hunt down conservative minsters intent on destroying the NHS.

Find out more about NHS reforms by watching this video:

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3 Responses to Andrew Lansley – next time

  1. Joe says:

    Forgive me, but you’re surely not saying that having a large QEH is a bad thing? That would show a fundamental misunderstanding of how the hospital healthcare system works.

  2. EB says:

    Joe, that was a joke 😉

    obviously the investment is a good thing the PFI however was very bad though.

  3. ukipboy says:

    I fail to see how this falls in to the remite of VPE and as this is supposed to be the blog assoiciated with the VPE role, even if you have taken it off the guild servers it should be about things the relate to the role

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