I’m not leaving the Trustee Board I have work to do.

So after immense public pressure last Friday the Guild released a statement saying that a nine-page letter containing seventeen separate explicit references to a resolution to remove me as an officer was an ‘admin error’. They are now only attempting to remove me as a trustee. During my term on the board it has made several extremely controversial decisions which as a member I have fought against in private whilst remaining silent in public. If I am not able to work from within as a voice for students then I will have to work from without, if the board won’t accept a strong voice on the inside it will get one outside.

I was elected to be a trustee as well as an officer and since the alleged grounds for my removal are of a clear political nature I do not accept this move as any more legitimate. I therefore call on the Trustee Board to defer this matter to Guild Council or referendum for students to vote on.

By the Guilds own bye laws it usually requires 25 guild councillors to request a vote of no confidence at guild council. However, I am aware that the trustees are not able to find 25 guild councillors to support a motion on the grounds of ridiculous & flawed charges against me. As such I also request that the Chair of Guild Council allows a vote of no confidence in me at the next Guild Council, despite the lack of democratic support so this matter can be settled democratically once and for all. 

Students have said loud and clear that they do not think any vote is legitimate unless it comes from guild council 39 guild councillors, the majority of next year’s sabbatical team are clearly stating this in a letter to the board.

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